What is Microcement?

What is Microcement?

Microcement is a cost-effective aesthetic alternative to polished concrete which also provides better benefits. It’s a cement based coating that covers many types of surface, such as concrete, cement, wood, mortar, tiles, plaster, stoneware, metal, plastic or plasterboard, and can also be incorporated with different pigments of colours based on desired preferences.

Microcement finish proves to be very flexible, seamless and versatile, that is why it has been one of the rising decorative trends for the refurbishment of both residential and commercial properties. Its ability to be applied on any existing flooring or wall without the process of removing the coating makes it more appealing for those who want to save time and money.

Furthermore, Microcement is customisable so that it can suit your preferred aesthetic design. The variation of colours that you can choose from can definitely give you more design ideas to improve the look of your property. Aside from that, there are different design patterns that can also be achieved with Microcement so that it’ll give a unique and modern impression. It can also provide different textures, varnish finishes and glazes. Because of this wide array of choices on different aspects of the aesthetic design and its labour-intensive and handcrafted application, no two finishes are ever the same which makes every project unique.

Unlike polished concrete, which has a thickness of between 5-7 centimetres, Microcement is more economical as it can be applied between 2-3 millimetres and provides a definitively lower structural weight. This way, the structural load of the property is not affected. You don’t have to worry about durability, despite the thin coating, since one of Microcement’s lauded properties is its hardness and high resistance.

Microcement also doesn’t require expansion joints and can be applied on any structure with a level surface both vertically and horizontally. Because of this, it can be a more affordable substitute, if you want to achieve the look of polished concrete without having to spend on concrete materials, heavy machinery and hard labour. Since the project only requires the application of Microcement as a coating, the process isn’t messy and it doesn’t produce a lot of debris. The use of little to no tools and machinery also provides a more speedy application which lessens cost on time of labour. Application usually takes three to five days and traffic on the newly coated surface should be prohibited until after a week from the day of the final application of finish.

If the Microcement application is done seamlessly and the process has been carried out correctly, it can guarantee a stain-free and aesthetically appealing finish. It does require, however, intermittent maintenance to ensure the upkeep of its design and durability. To maintain the protective layer of the Microcement on flooring, wiping self-polished waxes or PH-neutral soap diluted in water can simply do the job. Its great resistance to shock, scratches and chemicals makes it a great finish for surfaces that requires protection from everyday wear and tear. Another advantage is Microcement’s high adhesion which makes it impervious to water or any liquids. If you want it to be completely impermeable, you can apply a final coating to seal and obtain a water-proof ability.

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