Matrick Systems

Matrick Systems

Matrickcement: Our Microcement systems have been developed for domestic, commercial and vertical environments.



Matrickcement Domestic

The recommended system to be used in a domestic environment was packaged for speed, ease, quality and most important of all longevity. We have formulated a Micro thin, multi layered system designed to cope with the domestic environment. The domestic Matrickcement flooring build up is designed to enable the applicator to install quickly with little disruption to their clients homes and offer a matt or satin finish, although our preference would always be matt.


Matrickcement Commercial

The recommended system to be used in a commercial environment uses a much stronger base coat, giving more compressive strength and better wearing properties for high foot fall areas. The installation is a little longer, but much stronger than the domestic system.


Matrickcement Walls

Installing on walls calls for a much finer cement, we have sourced what we believe to be the best fine cement on the market to give a beautifully smooth finish.

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Microtopping Concrete

Microtopping can add a unique and high-quality finish to all surfaces, including floors and walls. It is highly fashionable and its sleek appearance reflects an expensive and minimal look that will be appreciated by all.

Microtopping concrete is suitable for both indoor and outdoor surfaces and is fairly quick and simple to apply for a speedy makeover or repair. It can also be a great finish to new buildings, for a modern touch.

What is microtopping concrete?

Microtopping is a unique blend of liquid polymer and cement that can be customised by colour, tonal variation, effect and finish, to create a bespoke surface. When left in its natural state, microtopping cement creates a modern industrial concrete-like finish.

Microtopping is only around 3 millimetres thick and can be applied on top of existing surfaces such as wood, ceramic and concrete, even when underfloor heating has been installed. It creates a seamless finish that can elongate a room and offer a smart solution for visible joints.

Microtopping concrete creates a rustic, vintage finish that can be glossy, matt, clouded or industrial depending on the customer’s desires. It can easily transform a room and create a unique space, in just a few days.

Microptopping is becoming increasingly popular amongst clients not only due to its aesthetic appeal, but also because of its ‘environmentally friendly’ properties. It’s simple to apply to all surfaces for a quick contemporary finish that is both innovative and modern.

Where can Matrick Cement microtopping be applied?

Whether it be a domestic or commercial environment, microtopping can be adapted to sustain high foot fall using a stronger base coat before application. For domestic use, we use an ultra-thin, layered system; this ensures a quick, smooth finish with minimal disruption to the home.

Microtopping concrete is developed for longevity, whether the surface is internal or external. Its adaptable nature prior and during application means that it will never look the same twice, creating a truly unique finish.

Why Matrick Cement?

Matrick Cement Ltd are experienced specialists of microtopping concrete. With over 20 years experience, we pride ourselves in the skills and knowledge that our friendly team have in our products.

At Matrickcement Ltd, we know everything there is to know about microtopping and have sourced the finest products from around Europe .

We work with a number of qualified installers and will be happy to provide details of a contractor who can install a Matrick Cement floor to the standard you require.

For any questions regarding microtopping and to see if we can create the look you have in mind, simply get in touch with our team of experts who are on hand to help you.