Can you use Microcement for a wet room environment?

Can you use Microcement for a wet room environment?

Microcement is suitable to be applied to any kind of setting, which also makes it applicable to wet room environment. It is a cement based coating that can be applied to any kind of level surfaces such as concrete, cement, wood, mortar, tiles, plaster, stoneware, metal, plastic or plasterboard. For large projects, like refurbishment of floors and walls, Microcement can cover kitchens, bathrooms, counters, showers, wet rooms and swimming pools.

The use of Microcement has been steadily rising in residential and commercial properties because the finish proves to be very flexible, seamless and versatile. Aside from that, Microcement improves the aesthetic appeal of the property by giving it a more modern sleek look.

Impervious to water or any liquids

Microcement’s high adhesion makes it stain and water resistant. If you want it to be completely impermeable, you can apply a final coating to seal and obtain a completely water-proof ability. Application of Microcement on bathrooms can be designed to have a non-slip feature so you can be assured of safety. This can be done by modifying the texture so that the coating will have a rough anti-slip finish.

More hygienic and cost-effective than tiled walls and flooring

A tiled wet room environment such as toilet, bath and shower, can become quite scruffy if unkempt for a period of time or cleaning isn’t done properly. The tile grout usually needs a lot of scrubbing to avoid mould and breeding of bacteria. Because of concurrent brushing, the grout will eventually wear thin and the tiles will need re-grouting. This can also cause for the tiles to become detached or loose.

Microcement’s waterproof and seamless finish doesn’t require any grout lines for the bacteria to breed. It also demands less labour when cleaning. To maintain the protective layer of the Microcement on flooring, wiping self-polished waxes or PH-neutral soap diluted in water can simply do the job.

Provides a variety of aesthetic options

Microcement can be incorporated with a variety of hues that can be tailored from your desired design. If you want to have a polished concrete or waxed marble concrete look for your wet room, Microcement can be customised to suit these styles. Furthermore, various patterns, texture, varnish finishes and glazes can be achieved to give you a more personalised aesthetic style. Aside from having a wide array of design choices, Microcement’s labour-intensive and handcrafted application ensures that no two finishes are ever the same which makes every project unique.

More cost-effective

Because Microcement can be applied without having to remove existing coating of the surface, you don’t have to spend pounds on the heavy labour of grating. This clean-cut process will also assure you that pipes will remain intact and not be damaged while the project is ongoing. Microcement application doesn’t need heavy machinery and hard labour which makes it more cost-effective than applying other coatings like concrete.

It is also more economical since it can be applied between 2-3mm and provides a definitively lower structural weight. You don’t have to worry about durability, despite the thin coating since one of Microcement’s lauded properties is its hardness and high resistance.

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