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MatrickCement supplies the very best quality materials to the UK flooring market. Our products have been handpicked by a select group of experienced installers and material specialists with over 20 years experience in the flooring and surfacing industry. Not only can we supply the products, but we will happily support you through your first installations, gaining from our own experiences. Materials and knowledge, everything you need to create your own flooring masterpiece.

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Matrickcemement Installer

Around 13 years ago Matt, having left the army found himself travelling around Europe as a floor installer for Eurofloor Ltd, a contracting firm. Matt spent around 8 years with Eurofloor Ltd, installing for companies such as Stonhard and McDaid, gaining experience in Holland, Belgium, France and Luxemburg. By the time Matt left he had risen to crew leader, running a team of six installers.

Around 2011, Matt found himself contracted to Liquid Elements, a division of Stonhard responsible for poured polyurethane floors in Europe. In 2013 Matt joined Richco Ltd and started to install decorative concrete finishes in Madame Tussards, London Dungeon and many other landmarks around London.

With this unique experience in both resins and cements, Microcement was a natural progression and in 2014 Matt started installing different Microcements from some of the established manufacturers. During this time Matt became increasingly frustrated with issues such as cracking, chatter marks, staining, colour differences and eventually after numerous trials developed his own system, handpicking different products from around Europe.

In 2015, Matt started Matrickcement Ltd to provide a complete system to the contractor market.

What is Microcement?

Microcement, also known as microscreed or microconcrete is a polymer modified cement-based coating which can be applied thinly to walls, stairs and floors in domestic and commercial environments.

As a result of strong bonding power, micro-cement can be applied to almost any surface including wood and tiles, and existing concrete flooring surfaces.

Microcement has become an increasingly popular material amongst interior designers, homeowners and business owners looking to achieve an industrial interior and concrete aesthetic where it would not normally be possible.

It is perfect for those wishing to achieve a completely seamless floor finish that is grout-free and aligns with contemporary and modernistic trends. Microcement is a great option for kitchens, living areas, bathrooms and wet rooms because of the ability to completely customise the material in terms of colour, tone and finish. The material also lends itself well to functionality and practicality by offering hygienic and hypoallergenic properties to create a clean and stain-free surface environment.

Furthermore, clients can benefit from anti-slip properties which are ideal for environments where children and the elderly will be frequent visitors and high traffic loads will be present.

What is great about micro-cement flooring (something you don’t get with traditional polished concrete flooring) is you’re able to see and choose the colour, tone and finished design of your flooring system before it is installed. This means there are no unexpected design and/or flooring failures which often arise after installing polished concrete.

Furthermore, the flexible nature of micro-cement means the material is less prone to cracking, when installed on an elastic mortar layer, which one of the significant downfalls often associated with concrete floors. As such, clients can expect longevity, durability and a hardwearing flooring system.

Where domestic environments are concerned, there is no problem if at a later date you choose to redecorate or renovate the living area in which microcement has previously been installed. Microcement is highly versatile meaning you’re open to change your mind in the future if you wish to alter the colour, tone and/or design finish of your flooring system. What is more, if you decide in later years that your microcement flooring isn’t in line with your current interior design or the latest trends, you have the option to install almost any flooring system on-top of microcement.